Mario Kart in Real Life Challenge GONE WRONG (ft.

  • Publicado el 9 may 2022
  • Hey Alan Army, this is Alan Chikin Chow! This video is called Mario Kart in Real Life but with Disney Princess. Did you laugh?!
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    Produced by Bianca Vasquez
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    Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
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Comentarios • 123

  • Alan Chikin Chow
    Alan Chikin Chow  Hace 14 días +31

    heheh check out DISNEY WEDDING GONE WRONG ➡️

  • The Great Catsby
    The Great Catsby Hace 14 días +6

    I love how your friends are up for anything!!!

  • Nita Naly
    Nita Naly Hace un día +4

    alan: oof!? fall off into a pool and she fall with you

  • unboxy
    unboxy Hace un día +6

    I can't believe they know each other! Yayy

  • Annalise Lopez
    Annalise Lopez Hace 14 días +17

    Yay it’s Rebecca

  • samantha    is the best of all time

    when you're somewhere, because I thought she was at home I'm going left with your photo

  • Bubble Gum Liberty
    Bubble Gum Liberty Hace 12 horas

    I didn't know you were friends that's really cool!!!

  • Allyxia Elle Cabe
    Allyxia Elle Cabe Hace un día +1

    I know that girl its . Rebecca Zamolo

  • Weird_Rajveer!
    Weird_Rajveer! Hace 14 días +12

    Second and the line “ the cold never bothered me anyway” the way Rebecca said it was funny 😂😂

  • Charles Slater
    Charles Slater Hace 4 horas

    Here wige fell Of 🤣😂🤣😂

  • te re
    te re Hace 14 días +4

    What Alan and for boy was Disney was jump on sea 😂

  • Jennifer LopezBarrios
    Jennifer LopezBarrios Hace 2 horas

    i love we u. make vids with youtubers it was funny we u both fell in

  • Michelle Bestin  Santoso
    Michelle Bestin Santoso Hace un día +1

    Her hair be like : let it goooo let it goooOoooOooooOooOooo goaoooooouooooaoooooo let it goooooooooo bye hair my lovely hair

  • abigail
    abigail Hace un día +1

    You are friends with Rebecca and that was funny 😂🤣

    KAITH MANSIBANG Hace un día +1

    The hair to the pool 😂

  • Nancy Saldana
    Nancy Saldana Hace un día +1

    That’s of the cats Mollo how are you doing why why Avesta yes call you this for help

  • Selena_CLERNISHA
    Selena_CLERNISHA Hace 12 horas

    Yeah oh yeah I saw a video on Rebecca I posted the stuff when he was a prince yeah yeah I know that I know you I know you and you better go in this app and you can talk to friends

  • Irma Garcia
    Irma Garcia Hace 14 días +1

    Love this colab!!!

  • Pb
    Pb Hace 14 días +9

    her hair be like “let it go”

  • Indi's World
    Indi's World Hace un día +1

    Hehe anyway the cold never bothers me