• Publicado el 30 ago 2021
  • Hey Alan Army! This video is called Dumb Things We All Do (Part 6). Have you ever done any of these?! Hahaha
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Comentarios • 9 449

  • Alan Chikin Chow

    what other dumb things have you done? 🤣

  • xxxxx Halo

    Funny I just pissed myself that was so hilarious

  • Sammy E

    Omg I've done the mouth wash one. Lolol had to throw it out. 😝

  • Sprizen 「AMV」

    Once it was a festival here. At temple elephant will come and we have to throw flowers. Once I threw my phone and put my flower in my pocket 🤣😂

  • • ꜰʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄʜᴀɴ •

    I keep saying " wheres my phone!" And its in my hand-

  • JJJ Love

    For me it's when I'm done eating a yogurt and I accidentally throw the spoon into the trash while putting the yogurt container in the sink.

  • Saaga Sirviö

    I have call my mom and said where is my Phone and its on my hand🤣

  • Marko7Ma YT

    Actually you'll be alone, a fact😅

  • Danielle

    This cracked me up😂

  • Aera Kim
    Aera Kim  +10

    I remember putting my phone on the fridge

  • VR User
    VR User  +23

    I’ve never done any of these three things.

  • Diamond Dove

    Imagine if that was the last egg

  • Edwin Laurente

    One time I have shampoo on my head and then I'm putting Body Wash Soap and accidentally put the soap on my head XD LMAO

  • Arth Shrivastava

    I was holding shampoo and was filling the bucket with water with my other hand, btw, i mistakenly poured the shampoo in the floor instead on the other hand

  • ivy
    ivy  +4

    I'm the most clumsy person alive and I have never done anything close to any of this.

  • Lilly's art

    Sometimes when you are not focused on the things you do 😅😅😂😂😂

  • 우뽱&루뽱

    1번째 영상: 그럴 수 있지

  • Raul Gonzalez

    His faces make me laugh 😃

  • Mihaela Rajkovic

    If i had thrown my school bag in

  • Masti ki Pathshala With Rose-Aashi

    The thing is i never cracked a egg before💀